TPAC Quality

Quality is our TPAC commitment to our customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.  We are committed to continuous improvement in our performance and we seek smart and simple solutions to fulfill our customers’ needs. Our management systems are also improved continuously.This commitment had become our success factors, which we had developed and are maintaining as our operational principle

TPAC operation is certified ISO 9001:2000 since 2003 after receiving ISO 9002 recognition.  We are implementing GMP and HACCP as our minimum operation guideline and extend further to ensure we are fully address our customer needs for their products, e.g. microbial inspection routine and primary testing equipment, jig & fixtures are developed by our TPAC’s proprietary and unique know-how, etc

TPAC provides the highest quality products and services to its customers in support of its 'Value Creation through Innovation' strategy. Our customers have come to expect reliability in everything we manufacture for them, from product performance through the order process to our final delivery.






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