About us



     With 30 years of experience in rigid plastic packaging business, our extensive know-how and unique manufacturing technologies, we focus on providing products and services to our leading customers with the highest standard.

     Thai Plaspac Company Limited, found in 1983, has been active, since the very beginning, as the forefront manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging materials, containers, plastic-wares and many others.  As an ongoing development of our TPAC business, we deploy highest state-of-the-art technologies, machineries and management to address the new demanding challenges of the cost-competitiveness, better quality and hygienic products required by our customers.

     TPAC offers a wide range of manufacturing capabilities, ranging from packaging design, R&D, injection-molding, blow-molding, injection/blow-molding, in-line inspections, and quality assurance.   Primary and secondary operations are to be arranged according to specific customers’ requirement, e.g. printing, labeling, and special arrangement to help customers to manage supply-chain in packaging materials.  Dedicated facilities are separated for food, daily products, consumer-household and others. 

      TPAC always value highest standards and had been accredited for GMP, HACCP as well as being recognized by both public and private organization as had been proven by multiple awards granted along our company timeline.


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