Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Children's Day activities 2019
Thai Plaspac Public Company Limited supports Children's Day activities By giving items, utensils and money to Schools and organizations in the community as follows "
1. Khlong Phithayalongkorn School
2. Shrine School (Hua Wanukul Wittaya)
3. Kaew Kham Thapatham School
4. Wat Lao School
5. Ratchamontri School
6. Wat Pracha Bamrung School
7. Khlong Rang Yai Phian community
8. Thung Khru Youth Center
9. Thian Thale Police Station
10. Adult Chavapol Suksomboon






CSR Charity and ANTI Coruption 2017


National Childen Day 2017



CSR Charity and ANTI Corruption at “ Baan Junday school”, Tha Kha-nun, Thong Pha Phum District, Kanchanaburi 28-May-2016

             The Thai PlasPac Public Company Limited had joined the CSR project with SNP shipping on 28 May 2016. So, we visited “ Baan Junday school”, Tha Kha-nun, Thong Pha Phum District, Kanchanaburi. We spread awareness about the young adult especially underprivileged children to avoid the narcotic and prevent the corruption. The purpose of “CSR Charity and ANTI Corruption” project is to provide the sustainable benefit to society and give an opportunity to young people to be a quality personnel when they grow up. So, we provided donations as follow;
            1. Providing 2 scholarships, (one time) each one is 24,000 Baht and in total is 48,000 Baht, for the students who have a good academic record but poverty status. We will let the school manages this amount of money and have a responsibility to give to students 2000 Baht every month. Moreover, school need to inform the report of students’ school record to TPAC every three months.
            2. Providing 20 volleyballs. (one time)
            3. Providing 60 mattresses for the kindergarten students. (one time)
            4. Providing luncheon for children at the day of visit.
            5. Coordinating with private sector companies in order to support and develop the social cause


TPAC incorporates sustainability into our business.  We focus on our Customers’ requirements, challenge and oriented towards world-class quality, develop management and team as a key player to achieve our objectives to provide best services and competitive cost control.

TPAC engages closely with our community and constructively dialogue with our communities.  We consistently support local community projects and regularly provide technical knowledge to colleges and universities, e.g. opportunity for students to visit TPAC operations, lectures and attending educational seminars and symposiums, etc.

TPAC positions ourselves to realize the opportunities for sustainable business growth, and this had driven our stakeholders to transform our private company to Public Company and become a successful leader in rigid packaging partners of multinational as well as indigenous Thai customers for decades.

For TPAC, corporate social responsibility means not only investing in our business, but in our employees and society as a whole.  Major community and environmental programs were sponsored and multiple joints initiative project with educational institutes as well as public are becoming our policy to extend our social engagement.


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Donation and providing scholarships at Ban Khoanklongsong School,Rayong 15 August 2015


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